Achoo! Here come the allergies. But why?

And so it begins … that little tickle in the roof of your mouth … the uncontrollable blinking of your eyes … the sneezefest, one, two, three … seven, or maybe it’s just me, but you know it, you recognize it. You know when the suffering begins associated with your allergies.

Why do we get pestered with this year after year?

Allergies develop when the body responds with antibodies to a foreign invader. This response builds up over time. Every exposure mounts a stronger response. The body’s response causes tissue destruction, blood vessel dilation, histamine production, and this histamine is then released from the body. Histamine results in itchy, watery eyes, congestion, headache, and the Achoo! … on down the line, and some people develop eczema and/or even asthma or “reactive airway disease.”

Kid allergies

In your KIDDOS, here are clues that symptoms are related to an allergy. If your child has or has had:

  • Food allergies
  • Dermatitis (skin problems) in infancy
  • Pediatric sinusitis: Aka: Sinus infections!
  • Large tonsils! Large Adenoids! Studies suggest these are more common in kids with allergies.

As for the very-scary-in-your-kiddo-yet-very-common Otitis media or “middle ear infection,” here are some sleuth tips for you:

  • The ear infection is usually not due to allergies if your child is under age two. In older children, they CAN and DO cause ear infections, as allergies cause fluid buildup behind the eardrum and that very uncomfortable ear pressure sensation.
  • ore throat, coughing, husky voice, ‘whiskey voice,’ whatever term of endearment have coined it—these signs and symptoms are all caused by mucus buildup from: Yes! You guessed it: none other than allergies!
  • Sleep disorders often result; Snoring and Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occur because the nasal airway is our normal breathing route during sleep, and next day fatigue might be the first presenting symptom that this problem exists.

Call me

Call me for pointers on addressing this all too common issue for Texans, including integrative care for allergies. Helpful info compliments of the AAO- American Academy of Otolaryngology — Brynna Connor, M.D. Family Medicine.


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