Additional Hormone Information:

We thank you for entrusting your health to us, and hope that you will find these resources helpful. For patients seeking hormones for transition, Dr. Connor follows protocol from San Francisco’s esteemed Tom Wadell Center.

Please click on this link for information:

If you decide to entrust your medical care to the office of Dr. Brynna Connor, these are the steps we follow:

1)   First meeting: We will collect a thorough health history from you, we will discuss your goals, and we will outline for you the steps involved; We will discuss risks and benefits of this treatment, and together, we will evaluate your readiness.

2)   Request a letter from your therapist in support of this treatment.

3)   Obtain any necessary lab work needed, if not performed in the prior 6 months.

4)   Obtain written consent from you for the beginning of treatment

5)   Begin treatment.

6)   Second meeting: We will review your progress one month into your treatment. Repeat labs if necessary.

7)   Follow up at 3-6 month intervals, to be determined during your office visits with Dr. Connor.

Dr. Brynna Connor, Updated 2016